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I Remember Your Hand

I remember your hand
All the crooks and dents
Your long stern fingers as they hooked mine

I remember your hand
its texture and surfaces
the soft stroking of your thumb

I remember your hand
the width and length
the size of yours against mine

I remember your hand
every gesture, every movement
my hands in both your pockets

I remember your hand
how you liked fingers intertwined
but I liked them untangled

I remember your hand
Now looking at you
yes I remember your hand

I remember your hand
Will they ever again hold mine?

I remember your hand
let's have our fingers entwined
I'll give in to you this time

I remember your hand
Can you remember mine?

Kiss Me

Kiss me

Hold me

Look at me

Smile for me

Laugh with me

Cry with me

Touch me

Take me

Hug me

Miss me


Walk with me

Fall with me

Break me

Fix me

Tear me

Stitch me back


Guide me

Find me

Leave me

i'll come back to you


Push me

Pull me

Hold my hand

Kiss my lips

Do anything.

But not this-


"I love you"-

No, You.

That just wont do

Your Blade

It stabs me

You stab me once again

same cold metal blade

at the same old place

unintentionally? – might be...



the pool of crimson red

for those words from your lips

over and over again


I guess a person in love

doesn't really learn from mistakes

because the pain – too much

the hope – too strong

Can't end all this mess


Maybe I've learned to love it?

this not-so-unusual aching

What could be changed?

Control is long lost


Penetrating the same scar

the blades dig right in

Go on

I don't mind – you don't mind

I might as well turn masochistic

all thanks to you



Break me slowly

Stabbing the same wound

it won't ever heal - never

I don't want endings


It burns

Guess I'd learn to love flames-

for I always look at you

seeing the you - looking at someone else

it leaves a mark here – ashes blown away


I love you”

I once thought those words belong to me – only me

but no – dead wrong

stop the damn tease

I don't share



Do you even realize-

how hard you make me fall?

keep me coming back

when wounds turn to scars

Stab me again right in the chest – til it reaches my back

you won't find a heart anyway – So keep on going



Walking away was never a choice

I will not make it a choice

I cannot

I would not

Never wanted to.


People say to me

There's still a long way to go-

take chances, start again -

- How I laugh.

Cause I am taking chances, indeed

To win or to lose.





This empty chest of mine,

longs for your blade. Come on in.

Welcome Home.

If it was meant to be...

if it was meant to be, then you wouldn't have to leave in the first place

if it was meant to be, I would hang on and wait for you to come home

if it was meant to be, you would still feel the same way since that day I left

if it was meant to be, I would feel the same even when I'm the one who sent you away

and If I felt the same way I did 2 years ago,

then I'd be writing a poem - about you


if it was really meant to be, you'd want me back

if it was really meant to be, I'd want you back

if it was meant to be, you'd ask me to

and If it was meant to be, I would say yes


But it never started out right

too painful to hang on

You don't feel the same,

why should you?

so you didn't ask,

who would?

and I didn't have a chance to say yes...-- I won't


So love,

After all I guess, we're just not-

meant to be –


cause if we were meant to be.....

you'd be standing right here

...next to me...



and this is how I've always been-

convincing myself

this is for the better

for the both of us

for the both of us

for both of us

for us both


for you

You talked of...

We talked of blue skies

of faded grey clouds

the cold white flakes

frozen droplets...


We talked of destiny

We talked of fate

childish fantasies - lies...

happy endings... - all lies


You talked of tainted dreams

I talked of lost hope

You talked of life scars

of broken promises... - you


We talked of many

and more to come

like puzzle pieces - fitting

minds in-synced


No matter how much-

things we've gone through

the one left unsaid

forbidden from the lips

my lips-

your lips-

our lips-

no, not once

no, not of love


Your future

My path

We can't draw them – not together


The other piece – the other person

Your love

it left you broken

your empty soul

Should I fill it?


Your faith

My wishes

Your cold existence

Can I warm it?


Those pieces that – belong to you

Could it as well – be mine?


I do believe, in taking chances

but no - not this time

no - not this case

when losing is clear from the start.


Because some words....are better left unspoken.


I can't comprehend

the unpredictable you

falling hard...

spellbound – Am I?


The common saying – so close yet so far

has never meant so much

because I did, I do, will do

still do.





So Should I ramble on with the clouds?

The fading blue sky

Or should I bring up,

when I have the courage (or rather madness)

the last forbidden topic

we've left untouched.







The sky today is cloudless

tauntingly beautiful...

don't you think?